When is The Best Season to Complete a Concrete Project?

Usually, it’s the shoulder seasons—both Spring and Fall—that have the best temperatures for a concrete pour. The reason is that temperatures are usually neutral, and milder. Two things to be cautious of in these seasons are precipitation, and that temperatures don’t swing dramatically in either direction. Sometimes, especially in the […]

Concrete Sealer

A quality concrete sealer is a vital component for a quality concrete job. The concrete sealer makes concrete resistant to weather, exposures to water—yes, concrete is durable and is meant to handle the elements, but long exposures can break down nearly any building material—abrasions, and deicing salt. A quality concrete […]

Concrete for Beginners:

Concrete is relatively easy to mix, use, etc., but very few people can get it absolutely perfect; there’s an underlying experience level (Maybe even a level at which it becomes an art form?) to skillfully working with concrete. But there are a few tips and tricks to working with concrete […]

Concrete Floors?

Yes, concrete floors. It’s a trend in modern building. There are numerous benefits to building a home with concrete floors. And while the benefits are many (we’ll discuss exactly what those benefits are in a few…) there are a few drawbacks, although the drawbacks are not nearly as numerous. The […]

Concrete Issues: Cracking

Concrete is unique in that, like a mirror, it displays its strength, its weakness, its age, etc. and one of the most common things to happen to concrete is that it develops a crack/fissure/fracture. What are the differences between the three? The differences are in the severity of the damage; […]

Concrete: A Few Tips

Did you know that as concrete hardens water rises up to the surface? It’s true. And that water serves a purpose in the final finish and integrity of the concrete. When concrete dries out it can crack or break-out on the concrete’s surface in a spider-webbed pattern of fine cracks; […]

Advancements in Concrete:

Concrete is a sturdy, green, and economic building material. And, believe it or not, scientists have figured out how to add strength and green sustainability to an already incredible product. How did they do it? Scientists have discovered how to add a material called graphene to the concrete. Graphene is […]

Slab Movement: Yes, You Can Fix It…

Slab heave and slab movement can be fixed—not easily, but if you’re armed with a certain amount of experience and you apply the forthcoming helpful tips (Or you can call the shotcrete experts at Shotcrete MT for help), it can be done. Here’s how. A home will move, unfortunately, and […]

Concrete is an Eco-Friendly Building Material: Here’s Why…

Concrete is one of the world’s greatest eco-friendly building materials, and it’s known as such because it remains eco-friendly in all its steps of process. First, the foundation of all concrete is limestone, and limestone is the most abundant mineral to be found on planet earth; yes, it is mined, […]