Repairing Cracks In Foundation Walls

Concrete is an incredibly durable building material, but it does have its limitations. All building materials have limitations that come with age. Concrete can develop hairline cracks after it cures, and, over time, these fine, hairline cracks can develop into larger, wider cracks that allow in water, insects, and radon […]

The Trick to Mixing Concrete

The best concrete jobs begin in the initial stages of form building and concrete mixing. Mixing concrete isn’t overly difficult, but there are certain tricks to making the consistency of the concrete just-so. Well-mixed concrete will be easier to work with and will hold up durably. Where Do I mix […]

Developing Concrete Skills

Concrete is generally an easy-enough to use building material. And a beginner can usually get the hang of working with concrete quickly and painlessly; however, this does not mean that a beginner is going to execute a concrete job flawlessly. There are tips and tricks to working with concrete that […]

Concrete Floors: Durable and Beautiful or a Trendy Fashion Statement

There’s no doubt that concrete as a building material is both strong and durable. It can’t be scratched or dented—it can be chipped, however. It’s simple and elegant, and can be dyed a variety of colors and styles to suit. But, if it’s so great, then why doesn’t everyone just […]

Breaking Down a Concrete Slab

If you ever want to replace your concrete patio, you will have work taking out the old one. Tahere are two tools that work well: Jackhammer and sledgehammer. For those of you thinking a Jackhammer, because it’s mechanical, is an easier, more efficient tool to use, think again: jackhammers are […]

Concrete Countertops—The Process

We’ve talked about concrete countertops here before, but here are the actual steps to do it (an overview that will give you an idea what you are in for, when you decide to take on this awesome home project!) Remember this is going to take time: if you are at […]

Small Concrete Projects

Concrete projects can vary from the most expansive (Hoover dam!) to the simplest fill-in for a post hole, supporting a mail box. And, because concrete is a readily available, natural material, and it’s easy to work with if you know a few simple tips and tricks, it’s the perfect building […]

How Does Concrete Work?

Let’s talk about how concrete works. Concrete is made simply of water, aggregate and cement mixed in proportions to a precise consistency. The key to achieving the strongest concrete is to have the mixture of ingredients properly proportioned. Thankfully products like Quikrete make the job simple and easy for the […]

The 411 on Concrete

Concrete as a sustainable building material Often we’ve talked about just how environmentally friendly concrete is; but you might have asked why is it environmentally friendly? What makes it such a unique, sustainable building material? Concrete is unique in that it remains an environmentally sustainable building material throughout its entire […]